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Samsung Galaxy S 4 drops original TecTile support, requires new TecTile 2


Don't get too attached to that collection of TecTiles if you're upgrading to a Galaxy S 4. AnandTech has discovered that Samsung's newer phone includes an NFC chipset that can't read the older TecTiles, which rely on a less common tag type to register our taps instead of the NFC Forum's standards. Customers aren't being left in a bind, however. Samsung has confirmed that it's about to release a follow-up, TecTile 2, which adheres to the official format while supporting the company's older NFC-equipped phones. The fully modernized tags will be ready sometime in the "coming weeks." That doesn't offer much immediate relief for GS3-to-GS4 upgraders whose TecTile layouts have suddenly been reduced to decorations, but those buyers should at least get the replacements they seek before long.

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