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    Seesaw lets you crowdsource your decisions


    Why struggle with a decision when you can have your friends, family and even strangers help you? That is the idea behind Seesaw, a new social app that lets you share your dilemmas with the world.

    Seesaw is a visual app that lets you share photos of two choices that you are about to make. It could be the food you plan for dinner, the clothes you want to wear for a date or the haircut for your next stylist's appointment. You can share your choices with your friends via text message, Facebook or Twitter.

    As soon as you post your quandary, you immediately start receiving feedback from your friends, who can respond without signing up for the service or even installing the app. If your friends can't give you enough feedback, then you can share your post with the Seesaw community.

    Seesaw is an interesting concept that'll take off among folks who are accustomed to sharing everything with their friends. Be patient with it as it's a relatively new app, it launched in November 2012. The community at Seesaw is growing and needs get larger for it to be as useful as other social networks. Nonetheless, the app's attractive layout and ease of use make it a compelling choice for people who appreciate speedy feedback about an upcoming decision.

    Seesaw is available for free from the iOS App store. Check it out and see if it works for you.

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