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Star Citizen's Aurora revealed, Roberts explains further crowdfunding goals

Jef Reahard

Star Citizen is still fairly early in its development stage, but at least one in-game asset has now officially passed through the entire design process. That element is the Aurora, which is Star Citizen's base ship and one that most players will use to begin their spacefaring careers.

The Aurora was designed by Star Wars and Star Trek concept artist Ryan Church. The Star Citizen website is now chock-full of in-engine images and in-character design specs.

Cloud Imperium is also running a limited promotion focused on a special model Aurora called the LX. CEO Chris Roberts explains the reasoning behind another fundraising initiative over and above his famously successful Kickstarter campaign. "Star Citizen is going to cost approximately $20 million to make. We have this covered already between the incredible funding we've received from you and the commitments from investors," he says. "But here's the truth: I've been holding off on closing investors because your commitment means we won't need as much money as we originally expected. Every dollar we make from crowdfunding means one less we'll take from outside investors."

If you're not up to pledging for the spiffy new Aurora, though, don't worry. "You will be able to earn credits to buy this ship in game once we go live," Roberts writes. "So please do not feel obligated to do anything. Everyone has given more than enough. This is purely a "for the fun" sale/event to hopefully push our funding along."

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