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Dream Fishing will make your day better

Jordan Mallory

Dream Fishing is a first-person fishing game built in Unity. It runs in browser or as a client on PCs, Macs and Linux machines, and was built by Sophie Houlden over the course of 48 hours for the most recent Ludum Dare. In unspecific terms, Dream Fishing is the gaming equivalent of a warm mug of chai tea, or a blanket fresh from the dryer.

Players navigate a glowing, peaceful pond in first person, catching helpful fish that dispense homespun wisdom and non sequiturs as quaint piano sounds punctuate their footsteps. Just, don't listen to the grey-and-black fish. He isn't as helpful or as uplifting as the rest of them.

A time lapse video of Houlden's 48-hour creative process, including crucial Azumanga Daioh breaks, has been tucked away after the jump.

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