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No Quarter games and art exhibit crashes NYU Game Center on May 3


Heads up, the NYU Game Center is hosting the fourth annual No Quarter exhibition this Friday, May 3, at 7 p.m. ET, featuring new games from Matt LoPresti, Bennett Foddy, Sophie Houlden, Nikita Mikros, and Josh DeBonis. Additionally, gaming collective Attract Mode picked a handful of artists to create unique prints based on past No Quarter exhibitors: Hokra, Baribariball, Nidhogg, Deep Sea and Recurse. Check out the art by Hamlet Machine, Kyle Fewell, Jovo Ve, Steve Courtney and Rachel Morris right on Attract Mode.

For those in and around Manhattan, No Quarter is a chance to play some fresh games from established and emerging indie developers, and to pick up some rare artwork – those prints from Attract Mode artists are "extremely limited." To ensure you snag one, bring a few quarters to No Quarter on Friday – or a credit card.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the NYU Game Center and Attract Mode (NYU Game Center X Attract Mode, as people in the know call it), so be sure to keep a critical eye out.

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