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PSA: Fez flips platforms, lands on PC today


One year after its high-profile launch on XBLA, Fez is available on PC via Steam, the Humble Store and GOG today for $10. For $5 more on Steam, grab the game and its super-cool original soundtrack by Disasterpeace, or grab the soundtrack by itself for $7. Steam: Giving you all the options to spend your money.

By April 13, Fez sold 200,000 copies on XBLA and we thought it was positively joyful. Creator Phil Fish suggests hopeful PC players purchase Fez via the Humble Store, since he gets 95 percent of that revenue, compared to 70 percent from Steam and GOG. If Fish insulted your grandmother and you really want to get back at him, go ahead and buy Fez through Steam or GOG and have a wonderful time playing it. That'll show him.

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