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Virgin Media launches VIP unlimited mobile plans, starting at £15 SIM-only


Virgin Media doles out many minutes and data to mobile users with its Premiere plan, but it hasn't had a truly unlimited option for those who don't want to even think about their calling habits. It's assuaging those minds today with new VIP tiers that offer unlimited domestic voice, data and text messaging. The exact perks depend on the level of commitment, however. Traditional customers can pay £26 per month (£31 if they're not already Virgin customers) with promises of unlimited calls to frequently costly 08 numbers. For SIM-only customers, it's all about the price -- while they don't get the 08 number exception, the £15 they pay per month for otherwise unlimited access is comparatively cheap. The new rates may not always make sense depending on local coverage and a desire for LTE, but we'd at least keep them in mind.

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Worry Free when you're VIP: Virgin Media unveils 'best unlimited tariff out there'

· Unlimited everything from just £26 per month
· Unlimited calls to 0800, 0870, 0845 & 0808 numbers on Pay Monthly VIP
· SIM Only goes VIP with unlimited calls, texts and data for £15 per month

Virgin Media today unveiled VIP – the only tariff offering unlimited calls to 0870, 0800, 0845 and 0808 numbers along with unlimited data, texts, minutes and inclusive insurance from just £26 per month for customers who don't want worry about the number of calls they make, texts they send or how much data they use*.

The new top tier tariff offers unbeatable value for Virgin Media customers who will get £5 off their monthly bill, inclusive insurance worth £7.99 per month and a top selling handset such as the Samsung Fame or Nokia Lumia 620 all for £26 per month.

Graeme Oxby, Executive Director, Mobile & Home Phone at Virgin Media said: "We're delighted to offer our customers these exclusive and unbeatable offers they can't get anywhere else. We've built VIP to be the ultimate worry-free monthly tariff, with unlimited calls to many 08 numbers as well as inclusive insurance with 24 hour handset replacement for Virgin Media customers. In fact we're so confident in our VIP pay monthly tariff if customers can find a better tariff out there, we challenge them to take it!"

For customers looking for hassle-free value but who have their handset sorted, Virgin Media has also given its rolling 30-day SIM Only tariffs a make-over, with its £15 per month VIP tariff featuring unlimited texts, data and minutes making it the best unlimited SIM only deal on the market.

VIP SIM Only is joined in the range by the £10 per month 'Starter' and £12 per month 'Essential' tariffs both offering unlimited texts and 1GB of data with 250 and 1200 minutes call time respectively. Virgin Media customers taking SIM Only deals are also rewarded with unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Mobile numbers.

Oxby added: "We wanted to create the best SIM Only deal out there and with unlimited data, texts and minutes for just £15 per month on a flexible 30 day contract, we believe we've done just that. If you're holding onto an old handset you love, or if you want to buy the latest smart phone without being tied in to a long contract, our SIM Only deals are well worth a look."

Since reinventing its mobile offering in the summer of 2012 and challenging rival operators to keep up, Virgin Media has launched the market-leading Unlimitacular Pay monthly and Pay-As-You-Go tariffs. In addition, as part of the roll out of WiFi across 120 London Underground stations Pay Monthly customers were given access at no extra cost, creating even more value for people taking its services. Virgin Media is the only operator to offer customers inclusive calls to many 08 numbers and comprehensive insurance as part of its monthly tariffs.

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