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Breakfast Topic: Which battlegrounds do you blacklist?


Now that the battleground blacklist feature has been around for some time, most of us have probably settled into a routine of picking out our two least favorite places. So I'm wondering, a while down the line, which battlegrounds do you blacklist? This feature has returned to the spotlight of late, with a little note from the systems design team in the recent PvP Q&A, suggesting, perhaps teasing, that Blizzard might consider cutting a battleground from the game. They mentioned that they had more information about the most and least popular BGs, and we had a good time postulating about which might be cut.

So which do I blacklist? I switch it around a lot, some days it'll be Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest, but a few days later I'll be fine with those and it'll be Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks, usually as a result of a bad loss which wound up with the faction I was playing being camped at the graveyard. Maybe it's better to ask which battlegrounds I never blacklist, and the answer to that would be Eye of the Storm. I love that place. I can't put my finger on why exactly, perhaps it's the long sight lines, perhaps it's the mixed mechanics, meaning there's a lot of varied tasks to be done. I'm not sure if the chicken came before the egg, but it's also by far my most won random battleground. Positive reinforcement!

But what about you? Which battlegrounds do you blacklist, or, if you're a more changeable sort like me, which do you never blacklist?

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