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SOE 'harasses' players with a massive PlanetSide 2 patch


If SOE was going for the Award for Largest Patch Notes in Recent Memory, it just might have achieved it with its recent update to PlanetSide 2. Just for the sake of journalismistic investigationism, we did a rough count and discovered over 3600 words in the official post. And it's not just a patch about a few bugs and bits of tweaking; there's a new vehicle in town called the Harasser. According to its description, the Harasser is a "speedy armored assault buggy that plays a dual role as both a transport and strike vehicle." It also carries three units: the passenger (who can be a MAX unit), a driver, and a gunner. We imagine it running up, guns blazin', dropping a heavy and tearing away to pick up another. Brilliant!

Among the changes is a tweak to certifications for the Lightning, the best small tank in the world of PlanetSide 2. But we might be a tad biased. Check out the game for free on the official site.

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