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The return of the firecat


Apparently, Blizzard has quite the love affair with setting druids on fire. Responding to a player's lament about Fandral's Flamescythe, Crithto noted that an item was created in 5.2 to allows Druids to gain the firecat appearance without needing the old weapon. Of course, he didn't give any hints, simply saying "They're difficult to find..." A massive search of the Firelands ensued, and the items, Burning Seeds, were discovered near Majordomo Staghelm. Only lootable by druids, each seed allows for 60 minutes of the flame kitty form, which persists through shapeshifting and death. You will need some friends to help you clear up through Baleroc, but after that, you can extend the raid as many times as you need to stockpile more seeds.

As for me, I'm curious as to what form will be next on the self-immolation list. We can already ignite treants and about some roast turkey? Pilgrim's Bounty isn't too far away! Anyway, feel free to head over to Wowhead for more details and pictures.
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