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Wii U cut another £50 by UK retailer Asda [update: Amazon too]


How low can Wii U go? UK retailer Asda is looking to find out, as the company dropped the struggling console's price by another £50. This is the second cut the retailer has enacted on the Wii U, dropping its price by £50 in early March. Asda is currently selling the 8GB Basic and 32GB Premium Packs for £149 (around $232) and £199 ($310), respectively.

The unofficial price cut enacted by several UK retailers in early March apparently did little to spur sales. Reports from UK retailers by the end of the month noted that it "resulted in a smaller than desired increase."

The Wii U shipped around 390,000 units worldwide in the past three months. In comparison, Nintendo's last-gen darling, the Wii, outperformed Wii U shipping 460,000 (70,000 units more). There have been no official price cuts announced.

Update: Amazon is price matching Asda on the Basic model, reducing its price to £149.

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