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New Divekick character is for high-risk, big-headed players


Adam Heart and developer Iron Galaxy Studios have revealed another featured character in their two-button, no-joystick 2D fighter parody Divekick, though this particular addition requires players to shoulder a major tradeoff during battle.

"Jefailey," a character poking fun at fighting game tournament organizer Alex Jebailey, boasts a unique "disqualification" projectile move, in addition to the game's standard repertoire of instant-kill attacks. The tradeoff? Jefailey's head grows in size after winning a round, making him an increasingly vulnerable target over the duration of the match.

It's worth noting that Divekick features a concussion mechanic, and if any character loses a round by being kicked in the head, they'll start off the next round in a dizzied state. Jefailey, then, seems like a character for risk-takers, or for those who think that their opponents will be distracted by his massive noggin.

Iron Galaxy reveals new Divekick characters every Monday via livestream. Divekick is slated for release this summer for the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PC.

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