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Pixel Press creates games from your drawings


Maybe, when you were a kid – or currently, if you are a kid – you used to draw your favorite video games. Maybe you designed your own levels, sketching them out on notebooks instead of paying attention in science class (sorry Mrs. Brown!). If you did, Pixel Press might be the most magical thing you'll hear about today.

Pixel Press is an application that works across computers and iOS devices to transform drawings into video game levels. All would-be designers have to do is print off a special sheet using a printer, draw detailed levels onto the grid (like graph paper), and scan the sheet using an iPhone or iPad. Once uploaded, the level can be edited using a computer, allowing designers to apply customized graphics and sound and, finally, share the level with other Pixel Press users. The simple platform game that the app creates doesn't appear to be very complex, but it also requires no coding skills, and it's designed to appeal to kids and families.

A Kickstarter for Pixel Press will launch on May 7. Check out a more detailed tutorial video after the break.

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