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Verizon releases substantial Galaxy Note II update, improves Multi Window support


Alongside a bump up to Android 4.1.2, Verizon's Galaxy Note II update (which is apparently rolling out now) adds plenty of improvements and features. As well as fixing several bugs with its calendar and email apps, the refresh adds Multi Window support to some key players, including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Kindle and Google Maps -- a feature that was there from the start on the global model. There's also a new notification panel editing menu within settings and Samsung's Smart Switch app to speed up migrating content from your old device to another, although whether you'd need that when you're updating your own Note II is a good question.

Another bullet-point caught our attention too. Tucked away at the end of the change log issued by Verizon is, would you believe it, the removal of one of its preloaded apps. Shopping app Zappos gets dropped during the update.

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