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World of Tanks partners with PC Gamer for new bookazine

Shawn Schuster

Wargaming and Future have announced a partnership today that will see a new 148-page "bookazine" for World of Tanks fans entitled PC Gamer Presents World of Tanks.

This special publication provides "beginner tips and tricks, a history of Wargaming, exclusive developer interviews, map strategies and an analysis of the game's top tanks." The print version will go on sale in the UK for £9.99 and in US Walmart stores for $11.99. A digital version is also available through the PC Gamer smartphone app for £6.99.

Wargaming's UK PR manager says that this is the first in a series of partnered bookazines published by PC Gamer. Because nothing says objectivity quite like a series of sponsorships, right?

[Via Wargaming press release]

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