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Zynga teaser trailer introduces new mobile MOBA called Solstice Arena

MJ Guthrie

Last fall, Zynga acquired the small mid-core, multi-platform game developer A Bit Lucky with the aim of expanding into that market. Today, the fruit of that team's labors is unveiled: Zynga announced the new 3v3 free-to-play MOBA Solstice Arena.

Solstice Arena, which is playable on mobile devices, breaks away from the tethers of the PC and hopes to introduce new players to the MOBA genre. The game offers fast matches that average only 10 minutes and three game modes to make it fun for new and experienced players alike (solo vs. A.I., co-op vs. A.I. and player vs. player) and . Heroes will earn experience as they play and have the option to progress along one of three ability upgrade paths, unlocking various ability upgrades. Solstice Arena also offers customization via skins and armor.

Want to catch your first glimpse of the game? Check out the trailer after the cut.

[Source: Zynga press release]

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