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Breakfast Topic: Vanity, thy name is your own guild


I can't find a banker's alt guild on the latest realm I'm playing on. That frustrates me, because I like to keep my banker free from guild ties and other characters' relationships while still enjoying a guild tag and a little camaraderie. But on this realm, apparently, bankers simply create vanity guilds populated by no one but themselves -- probably a wise idea, since then they can benefit from all those lovely, lovely guild bank tabs.

Some players create their own vanity guilds because they like having a guild tag over their heads. These players aren't groupers or joiners. Unreliable schedules or other circumstances keeps their WoW on single-player mode -– they like seeing all the hustle and bustle, but they aren't able to or prefer not to dive into it. Guild tags help these players feel more a part of the player population, with a "hometown" label and sense of identity that a guild provides.

Do you have any characters in a vanity guild? What was behind its creation: more bank slots, a way to indulge in a fun pun or clever concept name, a place to feel you belong? If you've had your vanity guild for a long time, have you found that it has slowly grown, accumulating friends and family members?

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