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Breakfast Topic: Are you starved for WoW time?


Spoken like a proper gamer, today's Breakfast Topic is less a question of "Are you starved for WoW time?" but rather "How much more WoW time do you need?" Let's face it, whether or not you take your recommended daily dose of dailies every day without fail, there's always more to do in Azeroth. WoW has arrived at that ripe, juicy stage that tempts even the most dedicated players with one more bite.

But despite the availability of a playstyle to suit almost every player's schedule, most players seem to end up wistfully pining for at least a little more play time. Do you? Do you feel that you have enough time to get into everything you'd like to try, enjoy, and accomplish in WoW? What would you do if you had more time to play? If you feel short on time, is that shortage a short-term situation, or is it simply the shape of your life right now?

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