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Rex Rocket dev wants Zelda-inspired Blossom Tales on Wii U, 3DS


The team behind the rad Rex Rocket Kickstarter has plans to bring Blossom Tales, a Zelda-style adventure game, to Nintendo platforms, if its fundraising goes well. Blossom Tales is a colorful, top-down adventure inspired by Zelda: A Link to the Past, developer Rob Maher tells Nintendo Life.

"Set in the world of Blossom, the game follows a young and newly initiated Knight of the Rose, Lily. After King Orchid is double-crossed and cursed to sleep by the Wizard Crocus, it's up to Lily to find ingredients to concoct a potion that will restore the King," Maher says. "We are hoping to pave the way with Rex Rocket onto Nintendo and follow it up with Blossom Tales – depending on the success of Rex Rocket, we may develop a sequel first. Nintendo is the primary goal for us, 100 percent."

The Rex Rocket Kickstarter has 21 days to raise less than $1,000 and reach its $6,000 goal. It's scheduled to launch in January 2014 for PC, with other platforms down the line.

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