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DUST 514's Uprising update is now live


The official launch of DUST 514 is planned to go live later this month on -- what else -- May 14th. But judging by the latest CCP dev blog, players can expect a whole bevy of new features before the game launches thanks to an update by the name of Uprising which, as it happens, went live today. For starters, the skill system is getting totally revamped in order to "make it more intuitive and deep." CCP is also introducing three new dropsuits to the game, along with a new assault dropship. As if that weren't enough, the studio has "done major rebalancing on weapons, dropsuits, modules, and vehicles." In light of all of these changes, players will be receiving full skill respecs and market refunds. Uprising will also include the addition of the new starmap, new UI and graphics features, and adjustments to the faction warfare system.

But that's not all. When the game officially goes live on the 14th, CCP will introduce DUST's planetary conquest system, which means that DUST players will be able to take part in the great territorial control battles that will tie the game into EVE Online. The launch will also bring a few new weapons and a new game mode (Domination) and new maps over which players can vie for supremacy. If that's not enough to look forward to, then we're not sure what to tell you. For the full details on Uprising and DUST 514's official launch, go on and check out the full dev blog on the game's official site.

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