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Massively Exclusive: New Aion RvR Guardian General event starts May 8th

MJ Guthrie

As the clock ticks down to the June release of Aion's big 4.0 update, NCsoft is ramping up the event machine. First up: an all-new RvR event dubbed the Guardian General Showdown. Running from May 8th, 2013, through May 22nd, 2013, this event will take place in Jotun Square in Silentera Canyon (necessitating that Daevas be level 50 and over to participate). There, each faction will fight to defeat the Guardian General of the enemy while simultaneously protecting its own.

The Guardian Generals -- Furious Dux for the Elyos and Furious Stalari for the Asmodians -- will spawn support mobs to join in the fray every 30 seconds. Once one general is defeated, both (and all accompanying mobs) will disappear and the 12-hour countdown to repawn begins. The league that contributes the most to defeating the other faction's Guardian General first will earn the Guardian General's Treasure Chest, which will provide every member with one mithril medal, one special manastone box (grade II), and one major ancient crown.

[Source: NCsoft press release]

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