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XSEED acquires Atlus Online, rebrands as Marvelous USA


Pandora's Tower publisher XSEED Games announced that it has purchased Atlus Online from Index Digital Media, uniting both companies under the new name Marvelous USA.

The Irvine, California-based Marvelous USA is composed of all employees from the former XSEED Games team. The company hopes to expand its presence in the mobile and online game markets with the Atlus Online purchase. XSEED's Ken Berry will continue to head up the company's localization plans.

"Marvelous USA unifies our US operations under the global Marvelous brand while giving our customers topnotch products and support for both traditional and online social and mobile games," said Marvelous USA president and CEO Shinichi Suzuki. "Our XSEED Games console and PC brand will continue to offer the quality games and service for which it is known, and Marvelous Online gives us expanded reach into mobile and online social gaming markets."

The acquisition and rebranding brings no change to XSEED's current publishing plans.

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