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iPhone 5, HTC One cameras compared by iMore


Here at TUAW, we're strictly an Apple blog, but our friends over at iMore tend to take a more cross-platform look at things. Today, iMore's Allyson Kazmucha published a lengthy and detailed side-by-side comparison of the 8-megapixel camera built into the iPhone 5 and the highly touted 4 MP camera that is part of the HTC One Android phone. How did the iPhone 5's camera compare?

Kazmucha took photos at the same place and time with both cameras, so you really get a feel for how each camera responds to certain lighting conditions. The iPhone uses an f/2.4 aperture on a 1/3.2-inch sensor with a pixel size of 1.4 micrometers, while the HTC One has a slightly faster f/2.0 aperture and a pixel size of 2 micrometers on the same sensor. As she points out, these "UltraPixels are larger and should allow for better light sensitivity, particularly in low-light situations."

What follows are comparisons of general, motion, low-light and panorama photography. While I won't spoil the excellent post on iMore, let's just get to the bottom line -- the iPhone 5 has better color depth, tone and saturation, while the HTC One is much better at capturing images in low light. In the one sample image at the top of this post, that's the iPhone 5 on the left and the HTC One on the right. The iPhone 5's panoramas tend to knock the HTC One out of the ring, by the way.

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