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Look behind the living world in Guild Wars 2

Eliot Lefebvre

Have you been out of the loop in Guild Wars 2? There's been big stuff going on with the game's narrative, sure, but it's easy to lose the thread if you're not playing the game on a regular basis. The latest developer video from ArenaNet is meant to address this, with narrative designers Angel McCoy and Scott McGough talking about the events of the Flame and Frost storyline and how the game's previous stories are leading into future developments.

The crux of Flame and Frost is the allegiance between the Dredge and the Flame Legion, with the former lacking in magical artillery and the latter being cut off from traditional Charr machinery. That alliance led to the capture of civilians, which in turn led to a push by two young heroes to free former prisoners... which in turn has led to a population move to an unexpected place. Watch the full video for a glimpse at how the story elements lead into one another and to get hints about what's around the bend.

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