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Apple requests Android source code in Samsung lawsuit

Mel Martin

That's the word from Bloomberg News today. Apple has asked a US magistrate judge to force Google to turn over the Android source code. It's part of Apple's case against Samsung, and Apple continues to believe its intellectual property has been stolen.

Not surprisingly, Google, who owns the Android source code, isn't eager to comply. Complaining Apple is casting too wide a net, Google attorneys say Apple's request is too broad. The legal arguments stem from a case Apple filed last year that covers technology in newer smartphones like the iPhone 5. Apple wants to make sure newer smartphones from Samsung, like the Galaxy S III, don't infringe Apple intellectual property.

Google has not been named a defendant in any of the litigation, as Apple has preferred to go after handset manufacturers who are using the Google source code.

Even though Apple received a billion-dollar verdict in its first case against Samsung, it has received no money yet as appeals and requests for a retrial wind their way through the court system.

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