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Kinomap geolocated exercise apps let you train around the world ... at home


Have you ever wanted to cycle the French Alps or run in the London Marathon? Two new free universal apps -- Kinomap Fitness and Kinomap Trainer -- are designed to do just that by letting you use your favorite home training equipment to train against pre-recorded, GPS-located outdoor routes.

Kinomap is taking advantage of its video-sharing platform, which consists of about 10,000 videos that cover about 15,000 miles of track. Users can contribute their own videos to the vast library of geolocated routes. If you're going on a trip and want to help out, you can use Kinomap Maker (free) and a camera to film your route for submission. Cycling part of a famous Tour de France stage? Rowing the Thames River through London? Running the Leadville Trail 100? Kinomap will even lend you a GoPro or Contour camera so you can document your ride, row or run for submission to the library.

The apps are free when you use them against your own videos. Access to Kinomap's video library is available for US$11.99 per month or $74.99 annually.

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