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Take-Two appoints COO Karl Slatoff as president


Tuesday 7 May

? ? ? lbs. I never weigh myself on a day of celebration.

Food consumed today: King Crab Legs in a bucket, like a boss!

Late afternoon. New York. Manhattan. Red Lobster in Times Square.

Dearest Diary,

It's been ever so long, but I must put emotion to paper. I'm writing this from a men's room stall at Red Lobster because I couldn't hold it in any longer. Don't be vulgar, Di! I mean my emotion! The 8-K filing went public today, and it says Karl Slatoff is now president at Take-Two and I just had to tell you.

Karl's been my chief operating officer since 2010 (when I became CE-O-O-Oh yeah!) and it was about time for him to take on another "newly created role" like last time. And since Karl is a kingly name, and heavy is my head that wears the crown, I figured we should go for king crab at Red Lobster.

"But they don't serve king crab at Red Lobster, only snow crab," you say. True, but Karl and I – to honor the heritage of our first names – dressed up as Bavarian tourists in full lederhosen and we had a bucket of king crab legs served that I had flown in from Alaska this morning. The cook was quite amenable to the idea after I gave him an early copy of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Anyway, next week we announce Take-Two's full-year financial results and between Borderlands 2, XCOM, our sports games and GTA at the end of this year, I'm thinking Karl and I can play German tourist more often.

Promise to write to you more,

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