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Apex Launcher 2.0 hits Google Play, puts notifications on app icons (Updated)


Apex can honestly claim to be one of the more popular launchers on Android, with over a million installs and 44,000 ratings over at Google Play. The stock-like skin has just been updated to version 2.0, with the biggest addition being support for Apex Notifier. This feature enables better control over iOS-style notifications on individual app icons, but you'll have to fork over $3.99 for Apex Launcher Pro to make it work. In the proper spirit of Android, however, you'll also get to pick which apps get notifications and which don't, from a list that includes Phone, SMS Messages, Gmail and many others. If you're getting bored with the stock launcher or just want to hide the cartoonish visage of TouchWiz, hit up the source link to download Apex for yourself.

Update: We amended the post to clarify that version 2.0 brings better control over icon-based notifications, which the Pro version of Apex actually already supported.

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