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Breakfast Topic: The tall tale of your best instance or BG run of all time


You know the feeling: You're doing much more than merely firing on all cylinders. Your performance is absolutely, magnificently beastly. If you're a tank, nothing escapes the force of your presence. If you're healing, the party runs breathlessly without pause, wondering how you're pushing them on DPS. In the face of your DPS, no mob is safe once you're in line of sight. It's a feeling like no other, and it's the kind of gaming experience you remember for years to come.

Raiding can be (to fall back on that ever-popular vocabulary favorite) an epic adventure in World of Warcraft. But in smaller groups -- in 5-man instances and battlegrounds -- players are even more likely to get the chance to experience those peak moments of play when everything comes together to create a real hero tale. Tell us about your best-ever small instance run (5-man only; no raids) or battleground experience -- that time when you not only led the charts but saved the party, turned all the flags, reversed the tides of battle, or carried the day.

Or maybe even all of the above. You hero, you.

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