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Jack the Reaper harvests all the souls, looks adorable while doing it


Jack the Reaper, from indie developer Dream's Bell, is a SNES-inspired platformer for Windows PC with an anime art style where you vanquish enemies and harvest their souls for health and power. The actual harvesting is reminiscent of Kirby's gobble-and-clone mechanic.

In Jack the Reaper, the moon has suddenly fallen and crashed into the Earth, discarding its souls all over the planet. Jack, as a reaper, answers a call from God and goes about harvesting all of the errant souls. Simple.

Jack the Reaper is a work in progress, with creator Rakugaki-Otoko having recently shared a demo (.zip link) with the public. He's also been sharing his incremental improvements and changes over on TIGForums, if you want a more granular look at the development process.

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