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Make Chrome open iTunes store links in iTunes


If you're having a hard time getting iTunes and App Store links to launch from Google Chrome right to the app from your browser, MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci has found a nice workaround in the App Store support community.

The workaround requires editing program files, so be careful if you're new. The issue deals with Chrome's protocol handlers. If your issue is with iTunes rather than the Mac App Store look for the line that says "itms" instead of "macappstore." Here's the hack from support community member Dahveed.

1. Close Chrome

2. Open "/Users/[my user name]/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Local State" in a text editor. TextEdit will do fine.

3. Look for the line "macappstore": true, under "protocol_handler":

4. Delete this line and Chrome will start to prompt you to open MAS links.

5. Change the true to false and MAS links will open without prompting.

6. Save the file and Quit the text editor.

Double check to make sure this is actually a problem for you before you dive head-first into that code, but if you've been aggravated by this glitch, we're happy to have passed this information along.

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