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Ubisoft asks Super Ubi Land dev to change game's name


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Andrew Augustin successfully funded Super Ubi Land through Kickstarter last month, his upcoming 2D platformer for PC and Mac about a little alien called Ubi who crashes on Earth and must find his way home. Ubisoft is none too pleased with the game's title, apparently, and has asked for it to be changed, Augustin confirmed through his studio Notion Games' Twitter account.

"Been exchanging emails with Ubisoft. Unfortunately, we have to change the title of #SuperUbiLand. Stay tuned," the initial tweet read. Notion Games doesn't seem to be too upset over the disagreement, however, and isn't even fighting the claim, a follow-up tweet explained. "Ubisoft is not doing anything wrong. They're protecting their business just like any small business would." Finally, a third tweet hammers it home that Ubisoft is just "being fair" in trying to protect its brand in the eyes of Notion Games.

Super Ubi Land still has some time left in the oven and is slated to launch this year on PC and Mac. A demo is currently available for all Windows, Mac and Linux users, which you can download over on Notion Games' website right here.

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