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WoW Moviewatch: Aftermath


A thoughtful, moody video featuring the dulcet tones of Alice Cooper? What's not to love about the new video Aftermath? Created entirely from in-game graphics, the authenticity and solid pacing of the video provides a solid new entry by PallyPowerXIX.

The video felt a teensy bit long to me, but that's a common challenge to be tackled in any dialogue-less story. The creator did a decent job tackling it, I just look at 7 minutes as being a big number for a machinima. Your mileage will vary.

All in all, I was very satisfied by Aftermath. The video did a superb job of knowing itself and its limitations, and told its story within those lines. It's good proof that this in-game & music-only technique can be successful if you take the time to think through your plot. Very nice job.

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