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Guild Wars 2's living story takes us back to Southsun Cove


As the Flame and Frost living story in Guild Wars 2 draws to a close, ArenaNet is gearing up for the next step of its story delivery system. Starting on May 14th, the team will be enticing players to return to Southsun Cove, the location of the controversial Lost Shores event.

A new dev blog on the official site outlines what the team is looking to do with the living story: "May represents a transition: The Flame and Frost arc is now complete, and our plan calls for content to build on what came before while also kicking things off in a new direction. With that in mind, Team Spring Break first focused on the essentials: characters, story, and gameplay."

In this first chapter of the new living story, players will team up with Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard as she and her allies address a tense situation between the settlers and the Consortium. It's only the start of the story, however; events won't be heating up until the summer proper.

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