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Khaleesi, Sims 3 Dragon Valley is available May 30


It is known that The Sims 3 Dragon Valley will hatch on May 30. The digitally distributed expansion will add a new location, architecture and dragons to the franchise. Not big dragons, but baby dragons. "Pet dragons," according to EA. A DRAGON IS NOT A SLAVE!

Say what you will about all these expansions, but it's pretty clear now that by the time The Sims 4 launches in the first quarter of next year, The Sims 3 will conclude with an amazing collection of colorful expansions – and hopefully be sold in an incredibly discounted bundle. Sim hipster werewolves playing in the snow with their pet dragon while on college break? Sure!

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Get ready for The Sims 3 Dragon Valley, the newest digital world to join The Sims 3 franchise. In The Sims 3 Dragon Valley, life is full of mystical surprises. A whole new environment awaits players to explore, including new locations, architecture, and of course, pet dragons! These different colored dragons are used to boost moods and all have various features. For example, the red baby dragon shoots fire and Sims players can use it to attack their enemies!

Check out the latest video trailer for The Sims 3 Dragon Valley and see what kind of fantasies one can take part of in the newest world that is available for digital download via The Sims 3 Store on May 30, 2013. Learn more at

Click here to view The Sims 3 Dragon Valley trailer. Additional assets about this new world can be found by visiting

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