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Roguelike puzzler 'Road Not Taken' coming late 2013 from Triple Town dev


Triple Town developer Spry Fox has announced its next project, Road Not Taken. Like Triple Town, Road Not Taken is a puzzle game, though it looks like Spry Fox is trying something a little different this time, injecting the game with an interesting narrative structure and roguelike elements. Yes, it's a roguelike ... puzzle game.

Inspired by the Robert Frost poem of the same name (minus "The"), Road Not Taken hopes to explore the idea of what happens when someone goes against the grain of society, wandering off the usual path. Spry Fox is touting a "pointillist" narrative. The idea is that, just as hundreds of tiny dots can reveal a work of art when viewed from a distance, multiple plays of Road Not Taken will begin to reveal "a greater theme."

Yeah, it all sounds pretty hoity-toity, but hey, look at this adorable trailer and artwork!

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