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Steve Jobs interview wins a former nay-sayer's respect


Sometimes all it takes is a moment of time and an open mind to change your opinion of someone. In a recent column at Forbes, Drew Hansen, a management expert specializing in hyper-growth startups, writes about Steve Jobs and how The Lost Interview movie changed his view on the Apple co-founder.

Hansen says he ignored Jobs' advice on building a company and cautioned entrepreneurs not to model themselves after the Apple founder. This attitude changed after Hansen watched the Lost Interview and realized he and Jobs share many of the same thoughts on building successful teams within a company.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is a 70-minute conversation between Jobs and Robert Cringely that was held in 1995. It was recently turned into a movie and hit theaters late last year. In this talk, Jobs highlights several things he did that made Apple successful.

Among other things, Jobs talks about the need to hire A-level talent and put them together on teams. These talented individuals may bump into each other along they way, but that is part of the process of building great products. You can read more about this insight and others in the Hansen article on Forbes' website.

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