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DUST 514 launch-day roundup

MJ Guthrie

This is it, soldier! Training is over, and it's time to head out to war. DUST 514 settles today, officially launching into the New Eden universe also occupied by EVE Online. Available only on the PlayStation 3, this shooter pits forces against each other in a ground assault while orbital strikes rain down from EVE allies and enemies above. Are you ready?

Ah, trapped behind a desk for a while still, are you? Well, don't worry; if you won't have the opportunity to soothe your itchy trigger finger until later, we've got some things to tide you over until you can join the fray yourself. Check out the factional warfare, learn about rewards, and much more in the hands-on experiences, screenshots, videos, news, and impressions after the break.

DUST 514's Uprising update is now live
The official launch of DUST 514 is planned to go live later this month on -- what else -- May 14th. But judging by the latest CCP dev blog, players can expect a whole bevy of new features before the game launches thanks to an update by the name of Uprising which, as it happens, went live today.
Hands-on with DUST 514 on the cusp of open beta
Less than a week before DUST 514's January 22nd open beta launch, CCP invited Massively and other publications to attend an orbital bombardment event in San Francisco.
EVE Fanfest 2013 day one: DUST 514, wormholes, and lowsec PvP
The 10th anniversary EVE Online Fanfest is beyond massive, with over 1,400 players piling into Reykjavik's Harpa building for three days of intense internet spaceshippery.
The Firing Line: DUST 514 beta impressions
I haven't played DUST 514's beta in a while, so I figured that this week's installment of The Firing Line was a good excuse to give it another go.
CCP revamping DUST 514's skill system
DUST 514's May 6th Uprising patch will revamp the sci-fi shooter's skill system. Among the changes are the removal of multiple prerequisite skills and a new node-based skill tree view that will replace the current list-based approach.
New DUST 514 screenshots released
If you're a DUST 514 fan and haven't been getting enough to salivate over recently, your time of waiting is (however briefly) at an end. We've got some snazzy new screenshots for you to feast your eyes on.
Dissecting the newest DUST 514 video for goodies
With the integration of EVE Online and DUST 514 now detailed by CCP, a new trailer has been released on IGN to show off some of the goodies we can expect, including the infamous orbital strike mechanic that we've been hearing about since DUST 514's initial announcement.
Take over DUST 514's planets one piece at a time
DUST 514 doesn't just interact with EVE Online by being set in the same universe. Taking control of territory and planetary surfaces has always been part of the design goals behind the shooter, reminiscent of the interstellar control offered by the older game, and the latest development blog examines how players will go about taking over a planet.
Way of the Mercenary video explains all you need to know about DUST 514
CCP has released a new DUST 514 video called The Way of the Mercenary. The three-minute clip acts as a pretty good primer for New Eden newbs, as it covers everything from DUST's roles, skill loadouts, and equipment loss to the game's tie-in with EVE Online.
What DUST 514 means for EVE factional warfare
Fan site has a new blog post that's worth a read if you're curious about the changes that CCP's recent integration has brought to both EVE Online and its new shooter sibling.
New DUST dev diary has guns, lots of guns
There's a new DUST 514 dev diary video making the rounds, and this time the focus is on the title's guns. They fall into three categories (heavy, light, and sidearm), the first of which are restricted to mercs wearing heavy armor.
Learn about rewards in DUST 514
Pretty much everybody likes being rewarded, and it's safe to say that gamers are more or less at the heart of the group of people who like rewards.
DUST 514 video diary explores the nuances of vehicles
When you're shooting your way across the planets in DUST 514, you don't want to be walking everywhere like an animal. You want to be riding in style, especially if you can be riding in something that also has armor plating and variable thrusters.
CCP talks DUST's matchmaking system
The PlayStation blog has a new post up concerning DUST 514. More specifically, CCP is getting ready to unveil its matchmaking system for the sci-fi shooter MMO.
CCP releases new DUST 514 screens, 'precursor' beta client
CCP has released some new DUST 514 beta screens today, and the firm has also flung open the gates via the start of its PlayStation Plus subscriber beta exclusive.

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