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Firefox 21 officially released for desktop, Android version also gets a boost

Tim Stevens

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If you like the internet, especially updating things from the internet, today is a good day for you. Mozilla has released not one but two major versions of its Firefox browser, the first being the increasingly social Firefox 21 on the desktop. The browser's integration with Facebook is now extended to include other partners including Cliqz, Mixi and msnNOW -- a trio that doesn't quite offer the same recognition of that first network. However, an open Social API holds the promise for others to follow suit. Facebook 21 also has better support for Do Not Track settings and includes the Firefox Health Report, which has the ability to track crashes and make recommendations for boosting performance.

Firefox for Android was also updated, offering new open-source fonts, better HTML5 support, an improved UI and the ability to save media files by long-tapping. That is available for download now, as are the various versions for desktop operating systems. Choose your favorite flavor below.

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