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NCsoft clarifies stance on Guild Wars 2 expansion


During the most recent NCsoft earnings call, there was a slightly surprising statement regarding a possible expansion for Guild Wars 2. An NCsoft rep sent Massively an email to clarify what the publisher is thinking in regards to the future of GW2. The statement reads as follows:
"In regards to your recent post on a Guild Wars 2 expansion, there is a slight misunderstanding when interpreting the answer from the NCsoft earnings call. We are considering an expansion, but we are taking a wait-and-see stance. We are evaluating the performance of the game and deciding on when would be the best time to launch an expansion. But right now, our living story approach is very successful in keeping players engaged with new and exciting content. Launching boxed expansions are a great way to package content, but if we can do this on a more regular basis, something we've been doing since launch, it provides players with new content to explore and experience every time they log into the game."
So if you're trying to categorize this, an expansion to Guild Wars 2 should go in the "maybe, possibly, probably, some day, one day, soon, later, never, ignore the man behind the curtain" column.

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