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Philips Hue iOS app adds geofencing support


Sometimes it's cool to live in the future. Take Philips Hue, an energy-saving lightbulb that can be controlled by your iPhone or iPad. If you're coming home at night with an arm full of groceries and didn't leave the lights on, you can turn them on before you get into the house. They allow you to control the color, power and brightness of your lighting from anywhere in the world. Now with the latest update to their iOS app, Philips has brought geofencing support to their already brainy smart bulb.

The geofencing feature allows you to activate a scene in your room automatically when you arrive at a location, without having to do it manually each time. Come in from a long day at work and have your house know you've come home by greeting you with an illuminated living room. The alarm settings have also been improved, so whether you're using the alarm to make it look like someone's home when you're away or simply to wake up, you're in luck.

The update also includes some minor support fixes, improved colors in the LivingColors system and other tweaks to the alarm system, including support for a weekly alarm schedule. Head over to iTunes to grab the new app, or over to Philips to learn more about this system.

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