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Coffee with Tim Cook auction closes at $610,000

The CharityBuzz auction for coffee with Tim Cook closed at US$610,000 yesterday. The high bidder will meet Tim Cook on a mutually agreed-upon date for 30 to 60 minutes. On the last day of the auction the high bid sat at $605,000, but in the last 30 minutes someone who had not placed a bid before came in with a bid that was $5,000 higher. The only thing known about the winning bidder is that his bidding name was "a********s."

CharityBuzz will not reveal the name of the winning bidder, but it's possible that the bidder could come forward himself or herself. Of that amount, 20 percent goes to CharityBuzz while the remaining 80 percent goes to the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights.

If you had just paid $610,000 to talk to Tim Cook, what would your conversation be like? Let us know in the comments.

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