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EA opening DICE Los Angeles studio


EA is bringing a new DICE studio to Los Angeles, and it's expected to be a key part in the creation of new Star Wars games. As the Wall Street Journal reports, DICE LA hopes to take advantage of the area's "extreme talent pool," a pool Activision is already knee-deep in via Infinity Ward and Treyarch, both based in California. DICE LA plans to employ 60 members by the end of 2013, and is keen to bring the very best to the studio.

"There is an extreme talent pool over [there] that we want to be a part of," DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson told WSJ. "It's no secret our main competitor is there."

Troedsson didn't reveal just how much the company is investing in the new studio. The news comes after what's been an eventful month for EA. The company announced 900 layoffs due to restructuring, estimated to be 10 percent of its then workforce. However, EA is clearly looking to build big on the platform of exclusive rights to Star Wars games.

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