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Karateka Classic punches its way to Android and iOS on May 16th


While Jordan Mechner's Karateka burst back onto the scene through its 2012 remake, that wasn't good enough for purists who really just wanted a port of the 1984 original. Consider their wish granted, as Karateka Classic is coming to both Android and iOS on May 16th. The release goes the extra distance to recreate much of the Apple II-based fighting experience, warts and all -- would-be warriors can even choose a monochrome screen palette or hear a floppy drive churning away. About the only concessions to modernity are touch control, playing tips and a Sands of Time-style rewind feature. At 99 cents, Karateka Classic is undoubtedly a cheap nostalgia trip... even if it does trigger that fear of birds we thought we'd cured ages ago.

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