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Retro-bit bringing wireless controllers to retro consoles


Remember Retro-Bit, the company behind the nifty handheld NES / SNES, the RetroDuo Portable? Once again, the company is looking to make your outdated gaming habits a little more convenient, this time with a line of wireless controllers for vintage consoles.

There are three controllers in the Hypermode series, one for the Nintendo 64, a hybrid controller the NES and SNES, and finally one for the Sega Genesis. Each uses a 2.4GHz receiver to connect to its respective console, and all three have turbo functionality. The N64 controller also features a slot for a Rumble Pak. Furthermore, the NES / SNES and Genesis controllers can also be used on PC or Mac.

The N64 controller is slated to launch this summer, while the other two are planned for this fall. Each will cost $30. Distributor Innex will be showing the controllers at its booth during E3. We'll do our best to swing by and check them out.

In the meantime, we pose a simple question: Where's our wireless Saturn controller?

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Maybe You Can't Control the Future,
But You Can Control the Past with Retro-Bit's
Hypermode Series of Controllers for N64®, NES®, SNES® and GENESIS®

Get Retro with Wireless Controllers featuring Hypermode Functionality

POMONA, CALIFORNIA (MAY, 2013) - Innex, Inc., one of the fastest growing international distributors of video game accessories, has announced the upcoming launch of the full line of wireless controllers by Retro-Bit® that are designed specifically for old-school video game platforms. Not only is each controller wireless, but each is also engineered to allow for turbo-type functionality to be used with their respective platforms.

Manufactured by Retro-Bit, the Hypermode Series of Controllers are distributed exclusively by Innex and will debut at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, June 11th - June 13th.

"We are extremely fortunate to be the exclusive distributor of the Retro-Bit brand of video game products," states Innex President, Titi Ngoy. "Retro-Bit has played a huge role in rejuvenating public interest in retro games and they continue to develop new and exciting accessories that will further the market demand for nostalgia gaming."

Product Highlights:

Wireless Hypermode Series Controller for N64 ($29.99)
Compatible with N64 consoles
Classic analog stick, D-pad, and button layout
Program each button to normal, auto fire, or turbo mode
2.4GHZ wireless controller with receiver
Open slot for Rumble or Memory Pak
Trigger buttons
Requires 3 AAA batteries
Launch Date: Summer 2013
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Wireless Hypermode Series Controller for NES/SNES/PC-MAC ($29.99)
Compatible with NES, SNES, PC & MAC
Similar to the Famicom color scheme
3 connecting ports SNES, NES & PC/MAC via USB®
Program each button to normal, auto fire, or turbo mode
Trigger buttons
2.4GHZ wireless controller with receiver
Built-in rechargeable battery
Launch Date: Fall 2013
High Res image

Wireless Hypermode Series Controller for GENESIS/PC-MAC ($29.99)
Compatible with GENESIS, PC & MAC
Similar to the 6-button Genesis controller scheme
2 connecting ports GENESIS, PC/MAC via USB®
Program each button to normal, auto fire, or turbo mode
2.4GHZ wireless controller with receiver
Trigger buttons
Built-in rechargeable battery
Launch Date: Fall 2013
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Innex will be showcasing the Hypermode Series of controllers, as well as many other exciting new products, during the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 11th - 13th at Booth #5636 West Hall.

About Retro-Bit®
Retro-Bit® is the leading developer of third party accessories and hardware. Retro-Bit® is recognized as the creators of the very famous Retro Duo® Console, Retro Duo® Portable and most recently the announcement of the Super Retro Trio. Retro-Bit® is distributed exclusively by Innex, Inc. and can be found at various retailers throughout the world.

About Innex, Inc.
In 2004, Innex was founded on the principles of innovation, fun, and a commitment to customer service. While initially established as a distributor of videogame peripherals, Innex has grown to include videogame-related toys, gifts, and mobile and audio accessories. With just under a decade of operation, Innex has become an award-winning leader in global distribution, providing its business partners with various services which include, but are not limited to, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, and design. Facilities in North America and Asia ensure that Innex has the logistical and shipping expertise to deliver its products and services on time and under budget.

For a complete listing of Innex services and recent press releases, please visit


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