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Rovio lets loose Stars publishing program for third-party games


Rovio is entering the mobile publishing arena through its Rovio Stars initiative, which will cover the whole spectrum of publishing duties such as marketing and PR. Rovio will even consult with developers to help them optimize their games prior to launch.

Budding developers can already submit their mobile works to Rovio Stars through a handy application page, though all applicants must have a playable build to present. Screens, videos and other supplementary materials are also encouraged, as it provides Rovio with a better sense of the overall game.

As of now, Rovio Stars has recruited two games: Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage from Longdon-based Nitrome (based on the Flash version) and Tiny Thief from Barcelona indie outfit 5 Ants. The latter is due sometime this summer, while Icebreaker's mobile release is tentatively scheduled for "soon" on the official site.

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