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Sony America trademarks 'Greatness Awaits,' points to PS4 slogan


Sony's slogan for the PS4 may be "Greatness Awaits," based on a recent trademark and a purported ad leak. It's emerged Sony Computer Entertainment America trademarked the term last week, just ahead of next month's E3 conference. That on its own doesn't mean much, but it backs up Siliconera's prior report of a leaked script for a PS4 ad, with the term used as a slogan for the upcoming console.

The script, which Siliconera has in full, certainly resembles PlayStation's unique brand of surreal, high-octane advertising. It features a man walking down a road, talking at the camera and demanding the viewer not to be ordinary, afraid, or a slave to the past.

Around him buildings appear "increasingly damaged," and the scene grows more chaotic as windows break apart, two people covered in yellow paint sprint past him, and eventually a crowd of followers fall in line behind him. It even features a "homemade flag [sic] painted with the icon from Destiny" being unfurled out of a window, and a "giant spacecraft from Killzone" flying overhead.

The ad closes with the man saying, "Who are you to deny greatness? If you would deny it to yourself, you deny it to the entire world... And we will not be denied."

Then the words 'Greatness Awaits' appear on screen, followed or joined by 'PlayStation.'

We've reached out to Sony for comment.

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