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Apple's first $3.05 quarterly dividend payout scheduled for tomorrow


Back in April, Apple gave shareholders yearning for a bigger cut of Apple's profits something to be happy about. Specifically, Apple a few weeks ago announced that it was upping its quarterly dividend by 15 percent, raising it from $2.65 a share to $3.05 a share.

Apple's first dividend payment under the increased amount is scheduled to go down tomorrow. Shareholders with shares that were purchased on or before May 9, 2013 will be eligible for the increased quarterly dividend.

Since Apple first announced its increased quarterly dividend, along with a massive increase to its stock repurchasing plan, shares of the company have gone up by 7 percent.

Apple noted in a press release at the time that it is now one of the largest dividend payers in the world, "with annual payments of about $11 billion."

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