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Contraption Maker, spiritual successor to The Incredible Machine, due this year


1992s Rube Goldberg-em-up The Incredible Machine is getting a spiritual successor this year, produced by the creators of the original. Contraption Maker will makes its debut on Windows PC and Mac, helped along by The Incredible Machine coder Kevin Ryan, producer Jeff Tunnell, and original pixel artist Brian Hahn.

Expect improved physics, art and animations in Contraption Maker, developer Timothy Aste told Indie Games. "The higher fidelity graphics really shine on making the puzzles more fun an exciting (especially for those who enjoy flipping cats). In addition, we have some really cool things in development that are new to the series such as a super beefed up the sandbox mode and allow players to build much more elaborate puzzles and machines that can interconnect and be easily share-able over the internet." Aste added Contraption Maker will be mod-friendly. "We have even discussed some really 'out there' stuff such possibly support for Arduino to control real life puzzle elements, but we'll have to wait and see if we can get that far.

The Incredible Machine tasks players with constructing a series of complex Rube Goldberg devices around fixed devices to complete an objective. The series was published by Sierra Entertainment. In 2009, Tunnell acquired the rights through his studio, PushButton Labs.

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