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DODONotes: The perfect marriage of paper and iPhone


DODOcase just announced the perfect accompaniment to Victor's post earlier this week about when and how to use paper versus software. DODONotes (US$13.95) weds a high-quality paper notebook to your iPhone.

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It's a simple idea, really -- the DODONotes notebook has a cutout on the front of it that is just perfectly sized for an iPhone 5, 4S or 4. There's an elastic band that holds the notebook securely to the iPhone. With a quick pull, you take the notebook off of your iPhone, jot a few quick notes or sketch an idea and then reattach DODONotes to your phone. There's enough play in the elastic that you can probably attach a small pen or pencil without too much of a strain.

The notebook is made of a beautiful 24 lb. text Mohawk Superfine paper in a Soft White Eggshell finish. I am absolutely sure that TUAW editor and notebook connoisseur Dave Caolo is going to order a ton of these to feed his paper habit...

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